EGRV is the brainchild of DJ Lawrence a.k.a DJ Random and Ade Habibie. The project was born when they started to make some tunes in a dingy office space back in early 2003. Within two months they had produced more than 40 tracks, 13 of which were included on their debut album “Prototype”. The album was hailed by several Indonesian music publications as marking the rise of electronic music in Indonesia. They were planning to promote the album with a mini DJ tour but the public would not be content with DJ sets and wanted more. Thus, they decided play their music live.

Since then, they’ve shared stage with international acts such as Silencer, Jonathan Lisle, Streetlife DJ’s and others. After touring came the release of a limited-run EP. The single I Don’t Wanna was well received in both the electronic and indie rock scenes. Rolling Stone Indonesia commented: “Electronic Groove have set the standard for electronic music production in Indonesia.”

After 3 years away from the scene, EGRV are currently locking themselves in the studio preparing for the upcoming follow up entitled “POWER ON POWER OFF”. Be on the lookout for it when this new album hit stores near you in the near future.

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