Ableton Live vs Bitwig Studio!

It’s about time that someone comes up with something that compete with Ableton Live. Ableton has been having monopoly in the performance/DAW sector. Now, new comer Bitwig Studio is ready to challenge the king. From the video above, the feature seems similar while the look is more of Traktor 2 with Ableton layout. Some of their key features are:

• 64-bit compatible
• Native Linux support
• Dual monitor support
• Split view between Arrangement and Session views
• A resizable clip matrix
• Overlaid automation on clips
• Automation on a per-note basis in the piano roll

Competition is always a good thing and perhaps with competition, it will lead to drop of price in Ableton (I always think they are a little steep, especially when you compare it to Apple’s Logic Studio 9). As of now tho, this will be an interesting bits of software but I’d like to see more before deciding whether to switch or stick with Ableton. Only time will tell. For more info on this exciting new software go to Bitwig’s official page.

3 responses to “Ableton Live vs Bitwig Studio!

  1. Very well put. Ableton’s price is steep and with all the horrible issues with live 8 it should be cheaper. Ableton suite should cost 500. And Ableton 8 should cost 250. If they continue with this price structure they will lost because logic pro 9 is $200. They should also include MFL within the price because it is to expensive to buy ableton suite ($859+250 for MFL) Way to much for a product that lacks many features that other products offer. Now they are forced to change their evil ways

    Can’t wait to see Bitwig

  2. I also hope it will force Ableton to reduce prices to a more manageable level. I am using Live 7 because I bought it just before Live 8 came out and could not afford the upgrade (then or now). I like the software but will not upgrade until 9 is out (and recommended by other users). I am an amateur musician making no money from my work at present so although I have invested a lot of money and time into Ableton I am always on the lookout for something that will do the job in a similar way but is cheaper. Perhaps Bitiwg will do it for me.

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