EGRV CONTROL 2.0 (TouchOSC & Traktor Pro 2 Template)

A long overdue update to our own TouchOSC template. The new version adds new FX section and some control for the sample decks. This new version also support core MIDI for MAC, no need for osculator. Have fun and let us know what you think. The template is FREE.


OSX 10.5 or above
TouchOSC 1.7.4
TouchOSC Editor 1.5.4 (for transferring to ipad)
Traktor Pro 2.0 or above

9 responses to “EGRV CONTROL 2.0 (TouchOSC & Traktor Pro 2 Template)

    • I’ve been testing on my 2.5 and everything works. But if you use timecode it’s a bit problematic. I don’t have a cdj therefore I’m unable to fix it.

  1. I cannot seem to find any help on this. Im using the TouchOSC Bridge, with this setup. I dont know if its the bridge, the layout, or the app, but TO Bridge keeps crashing and then results in giving me the blue screen of death, after the 4th or 5th crash. You think you could give me some answers, or advice, to solve this?

    • Have you tried contacting Hexler?
      With blue screen of death I assume you’re on windows right? I have zero experience with windows since I’m on a mac. So sorry, I can’t help you.

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