Over the weekend (17-18 Dec), Lawrence had couple gigs. The first gig was at Legacy, Bandung with Ms. Aura Kasih again and the other is under his other moniker “Random” with his Javabass Crew.

The gig at Legacy is your standard club party. With Aura also in the bill, the full capacity is As expected. When we got there, DJ Claris was already on the decks, delivering some of the most banging Bmore I’ve heard in a long while. We took the decks at around 2 am and after about 30 min, Aura get on stage. As expected the male dominated crowds went nuts! Overall, Nothing fancy, good club, good crowd, good time.

Aura in action at Legacy, Bandung

The second gig was on Saturday the 18th. This gig in particular is rather special due to the new and larger venue “Phoenix” for Phunktion, Jakarta’s longest running drum’n’bass night. Recently drum’n’bass in Indonesia has been in the upswing with the emergence of several new crews and party series. Nonetheless, Phunktion is still considered as the “it” DNB party in town. This was evident with the packed crowd’s refusal to leave the dance floor till the final tune of the night. Celcius and Jerome from Javabass did excellent job getting the crowds warmed up and ready for special guest Osvaldo from 1945MF. Lawrence took over at around 2 am and bang it till the end. Overall it was a good way to close 2010 and get all of us more pumped up for the upcoming year. For all the bass heads, see you in 2011!

Random on the decks with DFMC

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