Bali Culinary Tour Day.1

The thing with EGRV is when they travel together, they got very contrasting style. Lawrence like to travel light and compact, carrying as few things as possible. He usually packs everything in one bag, making sure that there’s no clutter. Ade on the other hand is the polar opposite. He carries tons of small things in tons of small bags. To make things short and easy, Ade is a bit of a pain, everything ended up taking forever. For example, to enter security check at the airport takes Lawrence less than a minute while for Ade could take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

We’re going to document and make conclusion after this trip and let you choose which travel style you prefer. So follow this series of writing and bare with us for the next few days.

Ade's choice #1 Mojo Burrito's Chicken Quesadilla

Half eaten chicken quesadilla and chicken enchilada

Lawrence's choice, Mojo Burrito's carne asada burrito

The aftermath

Today’s entry is just the beginning from this upcoming series. As you can see, Lawrence kept his food simple by choosing a burrito, a food with various content but kept simple in presentation and serving by being wrapped in tortilla while Ade chose food that requires more effort in eating in enchilada dan quesadilla. So, the adventure continues…

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